Eilish Kidd —Owner/Coach

I grew up in Tasmania and was educated in Launceston and Hobart. I then went to Art School in Melbourne, where I met a personal trainer who taught me how to work out. This led to my gaining fitness qualifications and, in a roundabout way, led to a trip to Indonesia where I met Miskad in a hotel gym, where he was an instructor.

I then spent some 10 years in Jakarta newsrooms working as a subeditor, a features editor and a writer specialising in contemporary art.

When I returned to Australia my work focus took a turn. I had taken part in Tasmania’s inaugural Tasmanian Open KB Championship in 2013, under the auspices of KB Sport Tasmania, the Girevoy Sport Association Australia and the International Kettlebell Sport and Fitness Academy (IKSFA.) I was the state’s first female competitor. I competed again in 2014 and trained under former GSAA president Paul Tucker as well as learning from Lorna Kleidman, who certified me as a KettleX instructor in 2016.

My most recent training and fitness experiences — in 2016 —include Dan John’s The Art of Coaching certification, Steve Maxwell’s mobility-conditioning seminar, and Greg Dea, Andrew Lock and Andrew Read’s Functional Strength and Rehabilitation workshop.

In 2017 I started training with Abigail Johnston of Barbreck Studio in Scotland, who is often referred to as the best all-around female kettlebell sport athlete in the world. Artgym hosted the Girevoy Sport Australia Association Tasmanian state championships in March where I qualified for nationals in Albury and then entry into the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting World Championships in South Korea in November. I also completed the Elite Girevoy Sport Association’s Level 1 and 2 certifications with Jennifer Hintenberger.

I am a member of the Strength Matters community, which empowers people with the skills to change lives and make the world a fitter, healthier, stronger place.

My vision is to create a gym that balances functional fitness with aesthetics. As both an artist and a personal trainer, I am delighted that Artgym allows me to combine my two great passions.

Miskad Kidd—Coach

My dad was a rice farmer with a hunch about the value of education. He sent me off to uni in the Big Smoke to be a PE teacher because it was the cheapest qualification. I was the skinniest aerobics instructor in Jakarta but quickly built myself up in size and reputation, eventually managing the largest gym in this city of nine million people (Fitness First at Plaza Semanggi). I have been teaching kettlebells since 2009 when I was certified by the IKFF in Bangkok, as well as qualifying as an instructor of TRX suspension training.

I moved to Hobart in 2010, where I became known as the ‘smiling assassin’.

I have taught a vast array of pre-choreographed classes, as well as Indonesian favourites like Tae Bo and Body Language, but prefer the variation and creativity of the freestyle classes I teach at Artgym where no two classes are the same. I have undertaken training as a strength and conditioning coach, now overseeing South Hobart Football Club’s strength and conditioning work.

I have more than twenty five years of experience as a personal trainer and pride myself on keeping workouts fresh and entertaining. Recent fitness experiences have included Functional Rehab Training, Dan John’s The Art of Coaching certification, Steve Maxwell’s mobility-conditioning seminar, Greg Dea, Andrew Lock and Andrew Read’s Functional Strength and Rehabilitation workshop.

In 2017 I placed third in men’s snatch at the Girevoy Sport Australia Association nationals in Albury I also completed the Elite Girevoy Sport Association’s Level 1 and 2 certifications with Jennifer Hintenberger.

Priscus Fogagnolo—Coach

I’ve been a Personal Trainer for more than 11 years and I’m also a professional Mixed Martial Arts competitor.

I’m a national champion in Judo (and a Black Belt, second Dan), Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling and weightlifting, and I also have grappling and weightlifting experience.

I guess you could say I’m also an aspiring step instructor. Here are some Facebook reviews of my first step class at Artgym:

“Ha! the true secret to your MMA & grappling success”
“Is there anything Priscus can’t do?”
“Oh my god this is cuter than a puppy!”

Seriously though, all these skills and experiences feed into my style as a trainer. I can offer assistance in many areas, but specialise in strength and power training, martial arts cross training and guidance with body building and figure competition.

It’s not about being perfect, its about effort.

Its not about trying to be someone else, it’s about being who you could be. It is better to feel sore in the morning than it is to feel sorry. Don’t allow your mindset to be dictated by other people. Let your actions lead the way. Things get fun at the end of your comfort zone. That’s where we excel. Wake up and push forward.

Joe Gadon—Coach

Growing up I always had an interest in sports and fitness and I have good friends who were into martial arts, but it was only when I went to live in South Korea for five years that I had the chance to develop this as my own passion. I had the opportunity to train under an amazing Hapkido master, Kim Chung Hee, who had students from around the world studying under his tutelage. Master Kim’s classes were challenging, but he was not about training ‘Dragon Warriors’, who had amazing superhuman martial art skills. Rather, the training instilled universal values like humility, respect, gentleness and resolve. Whilst in Korea I also had the chance to train in kickboxing, which has gained considerable popularity in East Asia over the last ten years or so.

Since returning to Australia I have been more focused on other Martial Arts, like boxing. The attraction of boxing is that it is an international sport. If you have the will and determination it can create opportunities – especially for those who have socioeconomic obstacles in their lives. I find it inspiring that developing countries like Mexico, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, for example, have produced world champions.

For the everyday person, boxing can offer us a way to discover ourselves, such as our strengths and weaknesses. It also requires us to develop better body awareness and to coordinate body movements to harness the strength that we have in a controlled way. Other traits it helps to cultivate include respect and discipline, pursuit of self-development (mentally and physically) and just as importantly, humility. Boxing can be a humbling experience for someone who might be fit and strong, but are new to the skills needed to have good technique.

When I think about boxing I like to put it under the umbrella of “Martial Arts”, while for others it is known as the “sweet science”. For me, the emphasis is on the “Arts”, because for the most part it is not about violence and aggression, it is about self discovery, maximising power and potential through technique and moving our bodies with grace and efficiency. It makes us appreciate our own rhythm and tempo. The feeling it gives us as we progress is really quite exhilarating and empowering, because it allows us to infuse our own personality into the craft of boxing.

Boxing has something to offer anyone who approaches it with an open mind and not too many preconceptions – why not give it a try?

Rochelle de Vries—Hip-hop instructor

I was born in Durban, South Africa, where dance was part of everyday life. As kids we were always moving, whether for play or learning the latest moves on the streets. We got our first TV at home when I was about seven and then I became exposed to other dance styles. Janet Jackson always had dance in her video clips. When I saw Rhythm Nation I was like, “Wow, I want to dance like that.”

I started formal training in South Africa at the Royal Academy of Dance at the age of ten, starting with ballet and later developing a passion for hip-hop, as well as urban and contemporary dance.

I established Eternal Dance Studio in North Hobart in 2007 with the aim of Elevating, Empowering and Educating our students. We are a small school with a focus on quality.

Traveling around the US, UK and Australia I’ve witnessed the power of dance as it brings people of different faiths and cultures together.

We’ve seen many benefits to our collaboration with Artgym and are excited about what’s to come. Strength can be built through mental, emotional and physical development. These three aspects can not only build overall strength but increase energy levels so you can be your best.