Creative Fitness for
Creative People

Artgym is an inclusive and creative fitness community. We strive to be empathetic to the individual needs and circumstances of our members and value the diverse skills and life experience of our trainers. We’re all about working together to achieve fitness goalsWe want to understand where you are on your journey to better health so that we can offer support and encouragement along the way. 

Whether you’re sweating it out or chatting to friends over a cup of tea, enjoying a beginner’s hip-hop class or lifting a personal best, you’re always free to train at your own level during our classes and in studio sessions. And while our trainers are highly skilled and push you to exceed expectations, they understand that your time in the gym should be fun and rewarding. 

Imagination, innovation and generosity are at the heart of what we do. Whatever your size, shape, age or fitness level, you’re welcome at Artgym and we look forward to working with you.

“It is a great  clean space which has no egos, just friendly, supportive trainers and members of all levels of fitness and age groups.”

John Glinatsis