Class Membership

Membership is streamlined and efficient, paid fortnightly without set up costs or long-term commitment. Membership can be arranged in the gym upon completion of a 10-day trial

  • Free access to all classes
  • Every client is an individual
  • Work alongside other epic humans in group classes
  • Supportive, passionate community
  • Ongoing advice from your trainers

Cost: $98 per fortnight [ $49 per week ]

Become a member

Please note that it’s best practice to come and meet our team and check out the gym before you sign up to a membership.

* Pausing or freezing membership will require five days’ notice and should be done by sending a request to info@artgym. Effective 1 January 2019, we require 30 days’ notice (via a written request to for the cancellation of memberships

10-day trial


Access our diverse range of classes so you can work out how Artgym can become a fundamental part of your fitness routine. Includes access to all classes for 10 consecutive days from first visit. New clients only; one purchase per client. Not available to short-term visitors to Hobart.



Single class pass


1 individual visit


“I have joined and quit gyms all over the world. Artgym was the first gym I woke up actually looking forward to.”

Kier-la Janisse