“I have been a member of Artgym since it opened and have loved every second of it.

Before starting I suffered from stress and anxiety and now I not only feel stronger and healthier but have more energy and feel much more balanced.

What makes Artgym special is Eilish and Miskad.  They have created a wonderful, safe space to exercise as well as a new community of like-minded people, where everyone knows your name.  Their attentiveness, ability to motivate and in depth contemporary knowledge in terms of movement, exercise and physiology are second to none.  I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Alison Brown

“Artgym is the most amazing gym. The trainers genuinely care about the members and constantly improve upon and evolve their training programs. Whatever your goals or fitness level they are always there to help you get the best results for you. They manage classes for such a diverse range of people, young or old, big or small, fit or unfit, and whatever your level you benefit from the classes in a fun and friendly atmosphere. There is a real social aspect to the gym and the members encourage and help each other. The popup workshops with experts in a certain area have been great and show dedication to the members and the trainers’ own professional development.

Since I started working out with Miskad and Eilish I have lost nearly 20 kgs and am fitter than i have been in a number of years. They have kept things interesting, fun and challenging and for this I cannot thank them enough. If you are interested in your health and fitness get involved with Artgym; it will become your latest addiction.”

Nigel Brown

“Artgym provides a happy and enthusiastic environment. The members have become a welcoming and accepting family. Joining Artgym has been the best decision of my life (so far) and I couldn’t ask for a better place to be. Thank you Artgym!”

Ellie Brown

“Having previously trained with Miskad at other gyms around Hobart and after meeting Eilish I was pleased to join Artgym this year.

Between them both they have impressive experience in all sorts of training techniques and have helped me advance to a much higher and stronger level of fitness in a short amount of time in a safe and progressive way.

It is a great  clean space which has no egos, just friendly, supportive trainers and members of all levels of fitness and age groups.

The classes are great and have helped me to push harder when motivation can be challenging due to work and a busy schedule. There are lots of free weight options as well as other equipment to use on your own or within a personalised program.”

John Glinatsis

“I have never felt comfortable going to a gym as I am overweight and unfit but Artgym is different to a ‘normal’ gym. Eilish and Miskad are so welcoming and so encouraging that working out isn’t a chore – it is enjoyable. The members at Artgym are also so super friendly and supportive of each other that attending a group class is the highlight of my day.”

Kate McGough

“Artgym is one of my favourite places to visit. When the world is a little crazy and I need to escape, this is where I go.

The atmosphere is inviting and friendly and there are lots of laughs and camaraderie to go with your workout.

Both staff and members are supportive and encouraging, offering a little oasis in the middle of the city.”

Kylie Watling

“I have joined and quit gyms all over the world. Artgym was the first gym I woke up actually looking forward to. Not only are the classes fun, challenging and diverse, but the intimate size of the gym makes it ideal for those who are typically gym-shy.

The personal care and positive reinforcement that instructors Miskad and Eilish Kidd give to all their clients – even those who haven’t signed up for personal training – motivated me to be fitter, healthier and to take a more holistic view of my well-being.

The effects of that continue to ripple out into all other areas of my life, from my capacity to time-manage tasks at work to my increased enjoyment of meals and ability to sleep properly. Going to Artgym made me not only a healthier person, but a happier person.”

Kier-La Janisse, writer and film programmer