SaBaR Interviews Eilish

December 7th, 2016


What is your main sport?

I love kettlebell sport! It’s not about how you look but about hanging in there as you flip between tension and relaxation, heavy and light. There’s some pressure there but you only really have to handle one rep at a time –lots of paradoxes in that. Also boxing: the sweat and the grit and its poetic qualities. Bob Dylan likes boxing, so it must be good. I have a wonderful boxing coach, Joe, who has a great playlist and a massive repertoire of cool things to do.

What are your greatest sporting achievements, or moments you are proud of?

Opening Artgym, and creating a gym as a place which can be more inclusive, welcoming and creative all at the same time. Putting all my favourite things in there…including people. Not just kettlebells. It’s pretty cool to be surrounded by genuine, kind people every day, who tell jokes and stories.

How many hours do you exercise on average, during the week?

Ten to twelve hours. That’s a conservative guess.

Are you a “lone wolf”, or do you like exercising in squads and group rides?

I am a lone wolf… with a pack? Or maybe several packs. I love training with kettlebells alone, which I have the luxury of doing when the gym is closed. And I put on whatever music I like and use all of the kettlebells. But I also have these packs of people that I train with and really look forward to being around. Tuesday night in the gym is one of my favorites. There’s a great vibe because of the hip-hop class going on in the other room, and also the guys I box with regularly. And then there’s the Strength Matters wolf pack… fitness friends around the world.

What is your sporting goal?

I definitely need to work on flexibility and developing skill in boxing. I am also thinking of creating an event for kettlebells at the gym.

What are your main motivation killers?

Looking at my phone for too long. Forgetting to drink coffee. Not going outside often enough. Forgetting to look at art. But these things are easily rectified. I just need to step out onto the gym floor and someone’s going to make me smile in about two seconds flat. That’s when you feel motivated.

What inspires you?

People, music, sunshine, art. Reading novels.

Your favorite Sabar garment?

I have the black shorts with the red rose pattern. The fabric is soft and comfy and they dry fast. I have heaps of gym clothes, but if you wanted to streamline and say: “only pick a few garments” I’d recommend them. You could be all sweaty and wash them and hang them out and have a coffee and they’d pretty much be dry again.

Sabar for Athletes is a local apparel line designed and manufactured for women in sport, regardless of  their age, size, speed, experience or body shape. You can find them at