Benjamin Hamlett


Benjamin Hamlett is an experienced coach, athlete and mentor.

Having successfully played soccer for the last 20 years at the elite level in Australia, America and Europe his experience and expertise as an athlete flows into his passion for empowering people to achieve health and wellness.

Ben has been working in the fitness industry for the last six years and has coached, empowered, mentored and facilitated hundreds of people towards achieving optimal physical and mental health.

He has personally coached a comprehensive spectrum of people, ranging from children to the elderly, including elite athletes, pregnant women, CEOs, people recovering from injury, overweight people, and those who are just looking to enjoy a better quality of life.

Ben specialises in improving movement, physical ability, and general overall competency through developing mobility, strength and awareness of the body, thereby facilitating improvement in mental health, associated with the developing of self-confidence and self-awareness.

He has achieved excellent results in achieving health and fitness goals and he has extensive experience in rehabilitating injuries and returning people to pain-free, good health.

More specifically, he has expertise in unlocking and generating new levels of physical and mental capacities, enabling higher levels of individual sports performance. He works to engender an engagement, through a willing, playful perspective towards training and improving individual health, fitness and wellness.

‘I am passionate about empowering people to develop their best physical, mental health and wellbeing. I focus on a holistic approach that is tailored to the individual to be able to move the body freely, to cultivate a calm confident mind and to develop great levels of energy, while all the while enjoying the Play of the Experience which, I believe is at the core of achieving in the best possible way his or her goals!’

Ben has created and run a successful program in training both elite athletes and beginning and developing athletes to reach full potential.

He has, also, created and run programs in combating mental health problems, which revolve around developing self-worth, and has  worked extensively with drug and alcohol rehab clients and incarcerated youth,  through association with organisations such as the Salvation Army and Save the Children. He has facilitated and run Corporate wellness programs to improve health, wellbeing and performance.