Artgym is the meaningful alternative you’ve been seeking for your fitness mission.

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We run over fifty classes every week, and everyone is welcome. Come and see us for a 10-day trial for just $20.

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Aesthetically striking and ruggedly practical, it’s your sanctuary from the day’s stresses.

We cater to all fitness levels and have the skills and experience to guide you safely into better health, whether you’re managing an injury, an illness or have had bad experiences in the gym in the past.

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Eilish Kidd

Co-owner/Kettlebell Coach

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Miskad Kidd

Co-owner/Head Coach/A12 Body Transformation Coach

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Benjamin Hamlett


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Join Artgym and be connected to a diverse and supportive fitness community. You'll get access to a huge range of classes, as well as advice from our dedicated coaching team.

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“Since joining Artgym, exercise has become an enjoyable part of my life. It can feel good to work hard and that’s not how I used to experience working out.”

Angelique Young